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    Nitishadhav123 Blogging and Writing 15 minutes ago

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    KolMikaelson19 :) #on 21 minutes ago

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    Angelo2u The right one will always fight to make it work. 1 hour ago

  • unitedglaziers

    unitedglaziers We are UK's leading Glazing Company in London Providing all kind of glazing services including commercial & domestic glazing. 1 hour ago

  • TravelETAau

    TravelETAau Travel ETA Australia is a Melbourne-based private firm that offers faster, cheaper, and more efficient Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) app 2 hours ago

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    GhostOfYou Ask me if a give a f*ck about you 2 hours ago

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    Filledunord Bonne journée bisous 3 hours ago

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    Ywnil sad night 4 hours ago

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    Rafael-82 It's really cold around here. Good thing that I have a big cat who loves to sleep on my lap. :-D 5 hours ago

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    Hermelan123 Hermelan Ste-croix 5 hours ago

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    MariaBgd Y'a qui? 8 hours ago

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    Kooloolin J'ai enfin fini Professeur Layton et le Destin perdu. C'était génial ! 9 hours ago

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    X-ArtofHylmy-X Je vous souhaite une belle soirée ^^ 10 hours ago